Top 5 Considerations While Purchasing a Patient Examination Table

The patient or hospital examination table is one of the most crucial and helpful hospital furniture of all time. When it comes to choosing a multi-purpose examination table for a hospital, a clinic, or any medical facility, it is important to be careful and consider several factors. However, a lot find the selection overwhelming and often confusing. Thus, this blog helps you understand things you need to consider when buying a patient examination table.


Adjustable Parts

Since a medical professional needs to conduct several examinations of different types, the examination table needs to have adjustable sections, especially the head and the footrest. The adjustability allows doctors to make necessary changes as per the patient’s size, comfort, and examination requirements.

So, make sure to choose a table model that allows patients to stay comfortable at all positions. Also, height adjustments will allow medical professionals to support the patients, especially those suffering from impaired mobility.



A patient examination table should be versatile enough to support multiple tasks. Thus, ensure that the manufacturer gives the option of customizing the table with ample accessories, allowing the patients and doctors to stay and work comfortably throughout the process. Moreover, customizable accessories like armrests, infusion stands, side tables, etc, will improve the efficiency and overall outcome.



The comfort of the patient is one thing every buyer considers when purchasing a patient examination table. One of its aspects is the padding of the table. Make sure that the padding is durable, easy to clean, and maintain. Also, check whether the material is comfortable enough to keep patients comfortable for long.


Weight Capacity

The body of every patient is different, and so is their weight. Therefore, it is important to consider the amount of weight the patient examination table can withstand. Ideally, the capacity should be a minimum of 200-250 kgs, thus indicating the sturdiness.


Easy Usability

Adjusting the patient examination table should not consume too much effort or time for the doctors. Instead, it should be done within seconds or a few minutes without any hassle. It is also wise to choose an electronic examination table if your budget and consideration allow you to. However, for electronic models, ensure that the switches are easily understood.



Patient examination table as a piece of medical equipment significantly contributes to the overall diagnosis and treatment of the patient. They widely vary in terms of models, sizes, and features. However, every facility needs to consider the above factors and their budget while choosing a table that best meets their requirements while keeping the patients comfortable.

Please know that this is a long-term investment that will affect the quality of your service and diagnosis. Therefore, choose wisely!

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