Factors to Consider for Choosing Fancy Cut Diamonds

Factors to Consider for Choosing Fancy Cut Diamonds

Choosing a fancy-cut diamond is a uniquely exciting process that takes into account a myriad of different aspects. This ensures that you discover the ideal stone, one that reflects your unique style and personality. With the advent of factory-made diamonds, customers now have a wide range of options to choose from. Fancy-cut diamonds, with their distinctive proportions and forms, make the selection process both challenging and rewarding. To assist you in making an informed selection, we have outlined here the key factors to take into account while selecting these exclusive fancy-cut diamonds.

Quality of cut

The brightness, fire, and general look of a diamond are greatly influenced by its cut. There are many different forms of fancy-cut diamonds, such as emerald, marquise, and pear. To optimize its shine, each form needs to be carved precisely. Therefore, for the best light performance, search for diamonds with exceptional symmetry and proportions.


The term clarity describes the blemishes and inclusions—internal and visible flaws in diamonds. Hence, when selecting a fancy-cut diamond, consider the clarity and features and how they affect the beauty of the gemstone. Select diamonds with the fewest possible inclusions that do not affect the diamond’s overall transparency and brightness.


Diamonds with fancy cuts can display a variety of colors. The chosen aesthetic and individual preferences will determine the color and quality of the fancy-cut diamonds. While fancy colors like blue and pink give the gemstone a distinctive touch, fancy yellow diamonds, for instance, are greatly sought after for their vivid and warm appearance.

Carat weight

Diamond weight, or carat weight, is a measure of the stone’s density and is frequently used to determine its value. Certain fancy cuts’ proportions and forms might make them appear larger or smaller than their true carat weight. Consider the carat weight in relation to the dimensions and shape of the diamond when choosing a fancy-cut diamond.


Ensuring the fancy-cut diamond you select has a legitimate certificate of diamond grading from an accredited gemological laboratory like AGS or GIA is of utmost importance. This certificate not only provides you with trust in your purchase but also crucial details about the diamond you are buying. ABD Diamonds offers certified diamonds with transparency and authenticity, making them a trusted choice for consumers, and ensuring you feel secure and confident in your purchase.


When it comes to selecting a fancy-cut diamond, your personal preferences play a significant role. By carefully considering the various aspects and understanding how they influence the diamond’s aesthetic appeal and market value, you can choose a gemstone that perfectly matches your unique style. ABD Diamonds offers a diverse range of factory-made diamonds, each combining exceptional brilliance with responsible sourcing practices, making us your one-stop shop for exquisite fancy-cut diamonds that truly reflect your individuality.

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