Zimbra Email Hosting & Migration: Get Your Business Smoother

  The Zimbra – is a desktop email application that was first released in 2005. That provides support for managing contacts, briefcases, notes, task calendars, etc. This software consists of both client & server components, & a desktop client. Zimbra web the most experience is the same across Windows, Mac & Linux through your favourite web browser, & also synchronizes with popular desktop clients including Outlook, Mail. app, iCal, AddressBook, Evolution & Thunderbird.

Mas Global Services have the best solution for Zimbra Email Hosting Services. After knowing about Zimbra Email; let’s discuss its Amazing Features for Businesses.

Zimbra Email Migration – Process to Migrate

In Today’s era, communication via email has the foremost important aspect of daily operations. Most of the day’s users or organizations have to change their e-mail clients when the necessity arises.

We help businesses perform elaborate technical migrations with an undemanding SaaS interface. As a result, mail migrations require no additional software installation or overhead, & migrations are repeatedly conducted securely & quickly. Your migration strategy will rely upon your business setup, type & size. Whatever migration path you select, you need mandatory features adding automatic account provisioning, verified assignment, archive migration, mail routing & calendar co-existence.

Cutover Policy involves migrating all mailboxes over a weekend, ready for your users on Monday morning. Render Policy provides many flexible migration options. These 2 are the most common migration strategies.

Types of Migration:

  • Migrating from Zimbra to Zimbra

There are several reasons for migrating from one mail server to another mail server, the usual reason is being “running low on disk storage”. Another reason may involve “the need to have a failover mail server” in case of any cataclysmic event that may deal with the active email server, among others.

  • Zimbra Migrate to Emails

Thousands of users want to backup Gmail emails or transfer them to Zimbra Client. So today we are sharing with you the fastest trick to move Gmail to Zimbra. Facing the issue & need help to solve it? Then you are arriving at the correct place.

  • Migrating Zimbra to Hard Drive

Methods that will help you in exporting mailbox from Zimbra to PST file format on Hard Drive, which can be saved locally on your hard drive. Furthermore, it is possible to import Zimbra mailbox files into the Outlook desktop client using the drag & drop process.

  • Migration of Zimbra Mail to Office 365

Users can migrate Zimbra to Office 365 with its associated attachments in a hassle-free way. Now, Zimbra calendars migrate to Office 365 account along with Zimbra mailboxes.

  • Migration of Zimbra Mail to Outlook

Outlook Migration Supports exporting the emails to the mailbox in a format that can convert into Microsoft Outlook. It requires some manual work to fulfil exported data. But, the rest of the data migration can be automated migrate with help of a converter. You can use Zimbra Migration Wizard to easily import items from Outlook into your Zimbra account.

  • Migration of Zimbra Mail to Other Server

Zimbra to Exchange Migration software can perform the conversion process to the desired account of the Microsoft Exchange Server application directly from Zimbra desktop TGZ. To exchange accounts, users just need to have the correct login credentials.


Why do you Have to choose Zimbra Email Hosting Services?

Zimbra-web hosting supports Outlook & other desktop mail clients. Business-class Zimbra email services are is a broad range of hosting needs. Zimbra email hosting is the ultimate email arrangement as it saves loads of IT assets & prevents Microsoft server expansion, therefore it is one of the biggest benefits for Business.

Best Benefits of Zimbra Email Hosting Services.

  • Web Management:

The Zimbra mail server has an exceptionally clean web management layout for menu & editing settings. The manage menu option allows the users to configure accounts & add up a new account.

  • Securities of Zimbra:

You can determine where your collaboration data is stored & who has access to it by Using Zimbra. It provides secure collaboration on any device, anytime, anywhere with built-in protection & integration with third-party software companies.

  • Distribution Lists on Zimbra Mail Server:

A distribution’s list can be cited as a group of mail recipients that is labelled as a single recipient. Distribution lists are used to send an e-mail to multiple groups of people without having to enter each recipient’s label.

  • Email Templates Zimlet:

By using the Email Templates Zimlet, you can to quickly & easily choose one of your own templates from a menu when you compose a message. It saves at least an hour each week.

Below mentioned are the Other Features of Zimbra Hosting:

  • It Allows to Make Calendar Events:

Zimbra email hosting gives an option to a Calendar feature that allows users to form an incident. Further, these events must share with different team members.

  • Controls Spams:

One of the most reasons to settle on Zimbra email hosting is that it’ll facilitate your remain removal from spam emails.

  • Gives Hassle-free Document Storage:

Zimbra email hosting helps to avoid wasting documents in account & enables to management them.

  • Mobile Sync Feature:

The mobile synchronization feature ensures that your contacts, calendars & inboxes are always in sync with your smartphones, whether you utilize an iPhone or Android.

  • It’s Affordability:

Zimbra offers many benefits to businesses in our budget. You may not need any specialized hardware or software to enjoy Zimbra email hosting solutions.

  • Backups

Zimbra email hosting solution comes with a backup feature that covers a backup of your emails intermittently.

Final Thought:

Zimbra email solution has indeed a wide array of matchless packages to match the varying business requirements of any organization. Masglobalservices is india’s trusted zimbra hosting provider for SME and other giant companies, you can feel free to reach us to ensure the best services.

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