Which Technology Is Used in the Development of a Website?

XcelTec provides software that specializes in the development of innovative web applications, and we will successfully meet all of your web application development needs, from small to large-scale projects. We have competence in a variety of web development technologies, which allows us to maintain and improve our high-quality online projects.
Let’s have a look at some of the most popular web development technologies these days.

  • Laravel
  • Yii2


Laravel Development Service provides a plethora of security options that enable you to decrease Laravel risks in your application. Another reason to choose Laravel over other PHP frameworks is its ease of integration with a valid token form or an AJAX call. Because of its functionality, clarity, and simplicity, it maintains Cachet as the greatest PHP framework. It is possible to construct apps quickly because of Laravel’s caching technology, which maintains a large number of cached objects. In addition, Laravel can personalize online apps for enterprises all around the world with immaculate syntax and the best coding techniques. It shortens development time and increases coding efficiency.


“As a good framework, Yii2 Development Service can make a creation of modern online websites and ensures that they all run properly.” It handles a lot of the heavy lifting for you by building tested and secure websites.”

Simple to Set Up

For web developers, time is money, and no one wants to waste it on a time-consuming installation and configuration procedure.

Very Extensible

Yii is similar to a suit that looks excellent off the rack but is also incredibly easy to customise to your specific needs. Almost every component of the framework is expandable.

Utilizes Modern Technology

Yii is an OOP framework that uses some of PHP’s more advanced features, such as late static binding, SPL classes and interfaces, and anonymous functions.

Final Thought

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