What is the cost of mobile app development?

How much does it cost to develop an app? Perhaps this is one of the first questions that app brands and developers ask when they launch an app development project. App development cost estimate is what sits at the very bottom of any mobile app development budget. Quite often a company owner finds herself trying to answer these two questions – how much does it cost to make an app for my business by hiring a professional versus how much does it cost to make an app by myself.

As much as we would like to put a finger on the cost of app development, we can only come up with an estimate, simply because each app development process involves many factors that collectively influence a final cost figure. Luckily there are several app development budget forming factors that will help you to shape the development cost of an app.

cost of mobile app development

So an app development cost decides on basis of following points:

App functionality and purpose– what an app will be capable of doing for its users.

Mobile platforms and devices supported– whether an app will be developed for iOS only or has an Android version as well.

Integration points– will an app be integrated with third-party apps that will be the source of its content.

Use of visual objects– complexity of visual objects inside of an app will significantly influence the cost.

Use of smartphone hardware features– whether an app will be using such smartphone features as GPS navigation, NFC technology, motion coprocessor, Augmented Reality tech, and other technologies that are packed into smartphones or tablet computers.

Maintenance plan– once an app development project is over, certainly it will require technical support from its developer.

Having said that, there are some typical or average benchmarks for app development project costs that we can apply for different types of apps.

These benchmarks range quite widely, based on data from multiple companies that have deduced these app development costs based on their customer projects research:

  • Simple app development price tag – $$$$
  • Medium complexity app development price tag – $$$$
  • Complex app development price tag – $$$$
  • Cost of hiring a US app developer ~$$$$

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In the rest of this research, we set out the available data on the development cost for apps using a range of different sources and methodologies. Thank you for reading!

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