What is State Management in Flutter?

Flutter, Google’s UI toolkit for Cross-platform development  has gained so much attention lately. Alongside the Flutter, state management is also getting well known in the Flutter community.

What is the State?

Whenever a user connects with an application, some data should be changed and the UI should be revamped at that point, that data, which is important to reflect changes is known as the State of the application at that point.

What is State Management?

Whether you are building web applications or mobile applications, State Management is the key to managing application views.

State Management is the strategic approach to manage all the interactions that a user performs on an application and then reflect those changes to UI, update databases, server requests, etc. Any application has numerous UI controls, for example, text fields, radio buttons, buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, and so forth. State management refers to handling the states of such UI controls as most of the time one or more UI controls are depending on one another, based on business logic requirements.

Each development framework has its own remarkable approach to performing state management. Like Flutter, many frameworks have more than one methodology.

Why is State Management Important?

State Management reflects the efficiency of the system and the care taken by developers to build that system so that every functionality and feature performs smoothly and precisely.

State management helps to align and integrate the core business logic inside the application with servers and databases. Without legitimate state management burden on users will increase and that would surely decrease the effectiveness of an application.

As well as by centralizing everything with State management, it will be easier to maintain a code base and will in turn improve the code quality and readability.

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