What is Power BI? Get To Know Insights

Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into logical, visually immersive, and interactive insights. Your data could be in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or a collection of hybrid data warehouses that are both cloud-based and on-premises. Power BI makes it simple to connect to your data sources, visualize and uncover what matters, and share your findings with whomever you choose.

Power BI Architecture:

The Power BI architecture is an Azure-based service. Power BI can connect to several different data sources. On the dataset, Power BI Desktop allows you to generate reports and data visualizations. The Power BI gateway connects to on-premise data sources to provide real-time data for reporting and analysis. The cloud services that are utilized to produce Power BI reports and data visualizations are referred to as Power BI services. You may connect to their data from anywhere with Power BI mobile apps. Apps for Power BI are available for Windows, iOS, and Android.

What exactly is the Power BI Service?

The entire version of Power BI, called Power BI Service (or just Power BI), is hosted on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. Power BI Service is available in two editions: Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium.

What is Power BI Pro and how does it work?

Power BI Pro is similar to Power BI Desktop in terms of functionality. They feature the same visualization options, storage, and file upload size constraints, and report refresh time limits. The main difference is that with Pro, you can share your data, reports, and dashboards with others in a secure manner—as long as they have a Power BI Pro license as well.

What is Power BI Premium?

Power BI Premium is a different way to gain Power BI access. Rather than buying licenses for individual users like you would with Power BI Pro, you pay for the amount of storage and processing power you need for your business with Premium. There are six capacity models available, each with differing amounts of memory, allowing users to select the amount of memory they require to run their Power BI platform.

What is Power BI Report Server?

Power BI Report Server is a server solution that comes included with Power BI Premium. Users can utilize Report Server to run Power BI on their own computers.

Users using Report Server must utilize the Power BI Desktop program rather than a web browser. Dashboards, real-time streaming, content packs, app workspaces, natural language queries, the ability to analyze data in Excel, email subscriptions, and data alerts are also unavailable to them.

What is Power BI Embedded?

Power BI Embedded is a pay-as-you-go, “white-label” service that allows ISVs and developers to integrate the functionality and capabilities of Power BI into their own apps. Instead of developing their own reporting tools, businesses can simply integrate Power BI into their products, and Power BI will handle all of the reporting and data processing.

What is Power BI Mobile?

Power BI Mobile is the native mobile app for Power BI and is available for Windows, iOS, and Android smartphones.Users can gain safe access to real-time dashboards and reports via the app, regardless of whether the data is stored in the cloud or on-premise in SQL Server. Users on mobile devices can also create and share reports, submit natural language queries, and receive personal data alerts via push notifications.

Tech Stack:


Power BI includes a number of tools and services that make conducting business analytics a breeze. Even non-technical users can run advanced analyses and create interactive dashboards and live reports to view data.

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