What Are the Different Types of Websites?

A website is a collection of interconnected online pages that share a domain name. Any individual, group, or company can create a website. The World Wide Web is made up of all of the websites put together. The website might be of various forms, such as an e-commerce website, a social media website, or a blog website, and each website serves a different purpose, but one thing they all have in common is that they all have several linked web pages.

Website Types

There are many different types of websites, and we can’t cover them all, so we’ll go through some of the most common ones:

Personal Website

These websites allow you to share your personal information. You can also express your philosophical beliefs and show off your work. Many people utilise personal websites to build their brands.

Informational Website

The term itself conveys the concept. This website has information on a variety of issues. We frequently get confused about numerous topics, and searching for them in a book takes a long time.

Website for e-commerce

These are the type of websites and online shopping portals where you can buy or sell products. Some examples of E-commerce websites include Amazon, Flipkart, and Olx.

Websites for Portfolios

These websites are utilised to exhibit a professional your greatest work. It is a more personal website where creative people may promote their work in their field. A portfolio website is quite innovative.

Websites for Magazines and News

Many individuals were perplexed by the distinction between a blog website and a news website. A news website that focuses on reporting rather than self-interests. All news outlet now has a virtual web presence.

One can make a unique website and put up a picture of one’s favourite meal on the first page, linking that website to some other website page where one might add or publish about oneself. The structure of a web page was initially created using HTML, or hypertext markup language. The domain name distinguishes between different sorts of websites: commercial websites use the.com extension, while non-profit organizations use the.org extension.

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