Troubleshooting iOS 17: Common Issues and Solutions

Many iOS 17 users are facing similar bugs, indicating that the problem may originate from Apple itself. We’ll address everything, from minor inconveniences to more significant issues that can lead to problems with iOS 17.

Here is a list of issues that many users have faced since updated to iOS 17:

  1. iOS 17.2 battery draining fast issue.
  2. iOS 17.2 Journal app issues.
  3. Widgets stuck: The Weather Lock Screen widget may not correctly display snow (iOS 17.1.1) or the Weather widget issue on iOS 17.1.2.
  4. iOS 17/iOS 17.2 overheating issues.
  5. iOS 17 Face ID is not working/cannot recognize.
  6. iOS 17 AirDrop not working.
  7. The iPhone keyboard freezes.
  8. iOS 17 app is crashing.
  9. iPhone notifications are not working.
  10. The iOS 17 Contact Poster is not working.

Below are the solutions of the above-mentioned issues in iOS 17

1. iOS 17.2 battery draining fast issue:

It is the most common issue after updating to iOS 17 – iOS 17.2, this may be caused by a system bug or unhealthy iPhone battery usage. To keep your iPhone battery life at its maximum, you can follow the actions below:

  • Turn on optimized battery charging. (Settings>Battery>Battery Health & Charging>Optimised Battery Charging.)
  • Turn on Low Power Mode.
  • Find and close battery-draining apps.
  • Restart your iPhone.

2. iOS 17.2 Journal app issues:

If an error occurs and you can’t set the journal schedule, follow the steps below to fix it:

  •  Go to Settings > Notifications.
  • Turn off journal-related notifications
  • Go to Settings>Journal>toggle on Schedule.
  • Go to Notifications and turn on journal-related notifications

3. Widgets stuck:

The Weather Lock Screen widget may not correctly display snow (iOS 17.1.1) or the Weather widget issue on iOS 17.1.2 – To fix the iOS 17 weather widgets on lock screen issues:

  • Go to Settings>Privacy & Security>Location Services>Scroll down to Weather> Select while using the app or widgets.
  • Other widget bugs, like widgets stuck, widgets quitting unexpectedly, widgets loading slowly, etc., are also common to hear.
  • To fix these bugs, you can delete the widgets and add them again. If this doesn’t work, you may need to perform a restart. Or, wait for the new iOS 17 version.

4. iOS 17/iOS 17.2 overheating issues

Follow the tips below to avoid iPhone overheating issues:

  • Update to the latest iOS 17 version in time.
  • Take off your iPhone case.
  • Clear iPhone storage.
  • Disable location service.
  • Avoid extreme ambient temperatures.

5. iOS 17 Face ID not working or can not be recognized.

It’s a very common issue.Maybe in the photo you took for Face ID recognition, you were wearing a pair of glasses or having makeup. When you take off the glasses or don’t have makeup, the Face ID may seem like not working.In this case, it is recommended that you set more than one way to access your iPhone, like the screen passcode, set up an alternative appearance, set Face ID with a mask, etc.

6. iOS 17 AirDrop not working

After installing the latest iOS version, there were many users who were complaining about airdrop not working properly below mentioned steps you can try to make it work:

  • It is also recommended to give your iPhone/iPad/Mac a restart. There may be some occasional errors. Rebooting your iPhone/iPad/Mac may fix these errors.
  • Another reason for AirDrop not working on iOS 17/16 or “AirDrop stuck on waiting” is that you or the recipient or both of you didn’t unlock the iPhone. So make sure both the devices are unlocked.
  • Turn off the Airplane Mode & Focus Mode as they both will get in the way of the AirDrop transfer. As we all know, Airplane Mode will disconnect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which are the necessities of an AirDrop transfer.
  • Although Airdrop allows you to transfer photos, videos, etc. wirelessly, it is for nearby devices. Apple suggests that the distance between the two devices is within 30 feet

7. The iPhone Keyboard freezes

Some users reflect that when they use the keyboard in an app and switch to another app or Home, there may be an occurrence that the keyboard freezes.To fix this iOS 17 issue, force quit the app first. If this doesn’t work, restart your iPhone. In addition, check if the keyboard skin/theme you set is still available.

8. iOS 17 App Crashing:

App crashing after updating to iOS 17 – iOS 17.2.1 can be caused by not enough space and incompatibility. If you ever encounter this problem, quit/force quit the app first. If this doesn’t work, restart your iPhone.After following the above actions, go and check if there are app updates available first. If there are, update them immediately. Then, you’d better check whether your iPhone storage is free. If there is not enough space on your iPhone, just clear it

9. iPhone notifications not working

Notifications may not always work on iOS 17. If you ever find notifications not working,

  • Go to Settings>Notifications>tap the app you want to receive notifications> disable Allow Notifications and enable it again.
  • In addition, check if you have enabled time-sensitive notifications. This feature makes the notifications delivered immediately and remains on the lock screen for an hour.
  • After you perform the above action but still fail to fix it, just try to restart your iPhone.

10. iOS 17 Contact Poster not working

Contact Poster on iOS 17 is not working, which is a common issue for users. The causes of this issue are mainly the following:

  • iOS system glitches.
  • iOS 17 Beta issues.
  • Wrong Contact Poster Settings.
  • You have blocked your Contact Poster.
  • The recipient hasn’t saved your phone number.
  • Restriction settings.
  • The corrupted/ incompatibility Phone App.
  • Name & Photo Sharing is disabled.
  • Block unauthorized changes to contacts in Screen Time Settings

After finishing the causes of the iOS 17 Contact Poster not working or being disabled, it’s time to learn some practical solutions. 

  • Restart the iPhone
  • Make sure both devices have iOS 17, as this feature was introduced in iOS 17
  • Enable name & photo sharing to make it work and show up while you make a phone call.
  • There are two options to share a contact & and poster: Contacts Only or Always Ask. If you have enabled Contacts Only, then only the saved contacts can see your contact photo and poster.
  • Turn On and Off your phones Airplane mode
  • Force quit the phone app
  • Deleting your contact poster and creating a new one.

In conclusion, Dealing with glitches in iOS 17 can be frustrating, but the right tools and solutions can make the experience smoother, ensuring a stable iOS operation and preventing issues. This blog covers common iOS 17 problems and bugs in iOS 17.1. Effective fixes are provided for each problem. Following the step-by-step guide makes it easy to use the tool and address iOS 17 bugs and issues, restoring your device’s functionality.

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