Top Magento Extensions to Recover Abandoned Carts

Top Magento Extensions to Recover Abandoned Carts

Magento development comes to mind when you think about robust and flexible e-commerce development. Magento is well known for its robust e-commerce development. One of the key features that sets Magento apart is its wide range of extensions, including those specifically designed to recover abandoned carts. These extensions assist businesses in increasing conversions by targeting customers who have left items in their cart without completing the transaction.

Here is a collection of Magento plugins that are quite useful for recovering abandoned carts. 

No 1. IoCheckout – All-in-one Magento Extension

IoCheckout is specially developed for every Magento theme. You don’t need to worry about whether you are using a Magento, PWA studio theme, ScandiPWA theme, Luma theme GraphCommerce theme. IoCheckout is easily integrated with every type of Magento store. IoCheckout can cut your abandoned cart rate. It upgrades your checkout with prebuilt A/B testing, multi-layout, customizable, multilingual, and abandoned cart features. These features improve the user experience of your store and rank your sales scale. IoCheckout natively supports a wide range of Magento payments and shipping methods.

The features of IoCheckot are developed by combining every small detail that enhances the overall shopping experience for customers. It includes features like A/B Testing, Multi-Layout, GTM Tracking, Abandoned Cart, Delivery Date, and Custom Hooks in only one extension. 

  • A/B Testing: You can run A/B testing and generate a report on your different checkout layouts.
  • Multi-Layout: Try different layout options to get accurate customer choice results.
  • GTM Tracking: Inbuild Google Tag Manager repost for every product.
  • Abandoned Cart: Generate accurate abandonment reports in just a one clicks.
  • Delivery Date: Enable advanced features like providing an estimated delivery date to the customer
  • Payment Option: Enable 15+ inbuild payment options and create custom payment options with your brand designs.
  • Custom Hooks: Implement customer hooks to upgrade your extension functionality. 

IoCheckout is an all-in-one checkout extension that offers various features to enhance the checkout process for customers and merchants. 

No. 2 Omnisend 

Omnisend is also the best option for recovering abandoned carts on Magento, with powerful features like automated email campaigns triggered by cart abandonment events. Omnisend distinguishes itself by its ability to create targeted and personalized messages using an omnichannel approach that combines SMS, push notifications, and email for a cohesive strategy. Its templates and automated workflows allow for organic and effective user engagement at key touchpoints. 

It maximizes revenue recapture by seamlessly integrating with Magento. The Magento plugin source code is available on Github, allowing easy updates and customization using the API integration guide. Omnisend also provides insightful analytics for campaign optimization and is compatible with the most recent Magento releases.

No. 3 One Step Checkout Pro

One Step Checkout Pro can significantly reduce Magento 2 abandoned carts by condensing the checkout process to a single page, increasing conversions and sales. This Magento 2 checkout plugin includes smart autofill powered by Google suggestions, and customers can edit product options directly on the checkout page. It also allows you to rearrange checkout fields and disable unnecessary ones. This checkout example is streamlined and has one page. It lets customers create an email account while placing an order, increasing user convenience and lowering cart abandonment.

IoCheckout is recommended to recover abandoned carts from the three best extensions. Its multiple features allow you to create a stunning look checkout design for every magento store. You get features like cart abandonment email and six checkout options, all in one checkout.

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