Top 5 Languages for iOS App Development in 2024

In iOS app development, selecting the right programming language is crucial for building high-quality and innovative apps. With over one billion devices running on iOS and the Apple App Store hosting a staggering 1.6 million apps, there’s no denying the immense opportunity for developers to reach a vast user base. As we step into 2024, let’s explore the top five languages that stand out for iOS development:


Swift: Swift continues to reign supreme as the primary language for iOS app development. Developed by Apple, Swift offers a modern syntax, enhanced performance, and safety features, making it the preferred choice for building robust and efficient iOS apps. With ongoing updates and improvements, Swift remains at the forefront of iOS development in 2024.


Objective-C: While Swift has gained popularity, Objective-C remains relevant in the iOS development ecosystem. Many legacy iOS apps are built using Objective-C, and developers proficient in this language are in demand for maintaining and updating these applications. Additionally, Objective-C’s integration capabilities with existing codebases make it a valuable asset for certain iOS projects.


JavaScript (with React Native): JavaScript, coupled with frameworks like React Native, offers a cross-platform solution for iOS app development. With React Native, developers can leverage their JavaScript skills to build native-like iOS apps while sharing a significant portion of code across multiple platforms. This approach streamlines development and accelerates time-to-market for iOS apps in 2024.


Kotlin (with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile): Kotlin, initially developed by JetBrains, has gained traction as a versatile language for Android app development. With the introduction of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM), developers can now utilize Kotlin for building iOS apps. KMM allows for code sharing between Android and iOS platforms, enabling efficient cross-platform development while maintaining native performance and user experience.


Dart (with Flutter): Dart and Google’s Flutter framework present another cross-platform solution for iOS app development. Flutter’s “write once, run anywhere” approach allows developers to create visually stunning and highly performant iOS apps using a single codebase. With its rich set of widgets and fast development cycles, Flutter continues to gain popularity among iOS developers in 2024.


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