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Law Firm Management System – Product by Panoramic Infotech

The Law Firm Management System is a web-based solution that allows lawyers and law firms to manage their offices. This system is simple to use and minimal in the system for keeping track of clients, cases, hearings and so on.

The Law Firm Management System is an automation package for managing a law firm’s back-end tasks. The system includes modules such as Notices & Complaint Management, Case Management, Employee Management, and Accounts Management & so on.

This technique also assists in the effective management of repetitive work in the form of notifications and complaints. The system supports advocates & lawyers in organizing their cases because the entire history of each case is available with a single click.

This Law Firm Management System can be used to utilize the following aspects:

  • Supports on desktop as well as in tabs.
  • Speeds up the process.
  • Have the option of categorizing the cases.
  • Support Multiple Languages.
  • Keep track of case history information.
  • Keep a record of each hearing.
  • Notifications and reminders to amend the dates of the future hearings
  • Assign cases to the team and monitor progress.
  • Case management does not necessitate any paperwork.
  • At any moment, lawyers can download/print the most up-to-date case information.
  • Well-managed daily case board.
  • 24*7 access to your updated daily case board

Why Choose a Law Firm Management System?

As the number of cases increases, it becomes more difficult for a lawyer or law firm to manually manage and monitor the case facts. As the name implies, Lawyer Administration Solution functions as an e-Diary for lawyers’ daily case board management.

It’s a clever technique to manage your cases effectively. Online case management systems make your complete case keeping system hassle-free for you and your team, and you no longer need to carry a printed copy of your case file with you. Any lawyer/law firm wishes for a well-organized and up-to-date daily case board.



  • The dashboard of this allows the Super Admin (Lawyer) to explore and acquire an overview of activities that occur in their firm.
  • The dashboard of user roles displays an overview of management and some additional information relevant to the current day in their respective panels.
  • It displays the number of essential items such as Clients, Cases, Starred Cases, Archived Cases, Employees, Tasks, Case studies, My Tasks. Also includes Recent Notices, To-Do Lists, Employee Attendance List, Appointment Calendars and Hearing Case Dates.

HR Management

The HR management module came to the rescue for the lawyer’s office by gaining complete control over the core of employee management practice. In the HR Management module, the super admin can create and track new clients, employees, user roles, departments, permissions, attendance and so on. Furthermore, the super admin has the authority to grant an individual employee permission to use specific modules.

Employees on their respective panels can submit leave requests, attendance, and so on.


Case Management

  • Super Admin can create new cases as well as update existing ones.
  • Super Admin can also move significant cases to Starred Cases and Archive old ones. Cases, hearing dates, fees and notes can all be scheduled.
  • For an overview, the same process is also available to view in the client’s panel.

Document Management

This Document Management module offers a safe and secure digitized document transfer feature. Super Admin ( Lawyer ) can upload and download all case-related documents to increase collaboration, storage, security and data linking across multiple cases, which may be accessed from anywhere, at any time and no one, not even the team members, has access to the private documents. This document management module is simple to use. Clients also can add and manage the document in the same way.



Our law firm management for hearing dates ensures that the court’s calendars never overlap.

  • Super Admin can determine whether there are any clashes between hearing dates that are on the same day in advance using this hearing module.
  • Super Admin can get rid of the last-minute rush to the courts and can arrange the work and teamwork more effectively if they are alerted by these automated reminders ahead of time.

Fees Management

Super Admin can see invoices by the customer and obtain details such as total invoiced amount, total paid amount, balance due and invoice by type (draught, sent, paid, draft and partial), as well as each invoice for the specific client, including the date of issue, total amount, and balance due. By providing a single point of contact for invoices, the Law Firm Management System relieves the stress of client’s billing.


Case Study

A case study is a technique for creating reference cases for future usage. The super admin can create an unlimited number of case studies with attachments from numerous Case Categories, as well as update and delete existing case studies.

Task Assessment

Super Admin can use this module to assign & set tasks for their employees, along with a graphical indicator of priority percentage and progress ratio, so that employees can see & set their schedules in their respective panels.


This report module is designed specifically to reduce the workload of finance-related reports. Super Admin can keep track of payments in a graphical format based on weeks and months.



The Messages section allows user roles like super admin & employee to view and send the messages to other users. If there are any unread messages, the count of highlighted messages is displayed in the module.

To-Do List

To-Do List defines a list of tasks that need to be reminded on a specific date. The super admin or an employee can add an unlimited number of To-Do Tasks and update or delete existing To-Do Tasks. In the dashboard, the user roles will be notified on a specific date about the daily task.


The Contacts Section allows the users to create an unlimited number of contacts as well as update and delete existing contacts. The users can import and export the bulk data. Contact information will be used in the appointments section. It could be a personal contact or a client.

Custom Fields

In this section, the super admin can add an unlimited number of fields to specific forms, for example, Clients, Cases, To Do, Contacts, Appointments, Employees, and Tasks. Field types include Text Box, Drop Down List, Radio Button, Checkbox, Textarea, URL, Email and Phone.


The Super Admin & can create a limitless number of appointments with their contacts & clients in this section. The admin should first create contacts before adding an appointment. The client can add the appointment with the lawyer & will also receive appointment notifications based on the notification settings in their dashboard.


This module assists the super admin in keeping track of the specified sub-module. This module allows Super Admin to add, edit and delete the below given sub-modules.
  • Locations – To add a variety of locations.
  • Taxes – To include the type of taxes being used in payments..
  • Cases and Court Categories – To include the types of cases in which lawyers serve as masters, as well as the courts in which lawyers can file their cases.
  • Acts – To include the various types of acts delegated by governments.

Payment Modes

Super Admin can use this module to add the type of payment to accept from clients. This module provides varieties of payment methods using the Online Payment Gateway.


This module allows super admin to the system’s settings listed below:
  • General Setting which includes system detail, HR setting & SMTP settings.
  • Notification Setting which includes Case Alert, To-Do Alert & Appointment Alert to each user role.
  • Language Setting allows adding different types of languages to run the system.


Common Features

Edit, delete, import, export and print are all common features included in each module.

Technology Stack

  • Codeigniter
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery


We provide a cost-effective Law Firm Management System that is customized according to your office’s requirements! We provide you with a system that is not only relatively quick but also secure, allowing you to quickly organise a wide variety of lawyers’ managerial processes & responsibilities. Check out The Law Firm Management System on youtube:

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