The Latest Trends of Java Technology – Don’t Miss to Read

Java has evolved and grown since its initial release. It holds a prominent position among the most commonly used and popular platforms. It stays up with the current trends and technology, making it a simple platform to use and allowing it to run more smoothly than before. According to statistics, Java is utilized by more than nine million developers worldwide and is installed on more than seven billion devices. Java web development in India has also launched on a trip to new heights and is steadily progressing. Artificial Intelligence (AI): By leveraging intelligent algorithms and nifty automation, artificial intelligence empowers organizations to scale. And because of Java’s cheap maintenance, high portability, and transparency, it’s a popular choice among enterprises looking for the best results.

Latest Trends of Java Technology:

From the 25th position on the list of programming languages, Java has risen to the top. It has several user-friendly features, such as a simple debugging approach and universal compatibility. This language’s apps and web pages are highly scalable and capable of processing large amounts of data (in most cases). And, to take advantage of these advantages, several businesses are partnering with a highly skilled Java development firm.

The Rise of Kotlin:

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language that can be compiled into JavaScript source code. It is based on the Java virtual machine and is gaining popularity in the programming community. Because of its interoperability with Java and succinct coding syntax, it has already been hailed as a success by developers. Additionally, the addition of first-class support for Android technology is expected to boost its use in mobile app development.

Encouraging Serverless Platforms:

Serverless platforms are becoming more popular with each passing day. It began as a consumption model but has now evolved into a composite flow-based system from a simple event programming paradigm. Developers are now more concerned with staying focused on their applications rather than worrying about servers. Simply put, Java servers will need to be optimized and re-architected to work in a serverless environment.


So, these are the most recent Java technological trends that are boosting its future. Without a doubt, it has always been a popular platform, and according to the statistics shown above, it will continue to be so in the next years. So, if you’re thinking about investing in java application development, XcelTec can help you with a skilled developer to create a flawless website or application for you.

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