The importance and benefits of Logbook servicing for your car’s health

Whether you have purchased a new vehicle or are close to getting the first service under warranty, you need to implement the logbook services. That is because it leaves you with a lot of advantages for your vehicle. Many car owners aren’t aware of the importance of this service. And those who know about it are refraining from availing of it due to the high logbook service cost.

The first few months of owning a car set it at a ‘Running-In’ stage, which is a crucial period for determining the car’s prolonged health. The logbook servicing is paramount during this period, assuring the car’s extended life. You can do it with any expert car services in your area. 

But what is a logbook service? Is the log book service worth it?

Read the blog as it explains everything about logbook services, why is logbook servicing important and its benefits.

What does a logbook service include?

So, what to expect from a logbook servicing of your car? To help you get a better insight, here are some mandatory inspections that you should be aware of: are mandatory:

  • Change the oil filter and engine oil
  • Brake inspection, adjustment and repair
  • Checking the suspension and steering
  • Check the fluid levels of all under-bonnet engine parts
  • Battery test through computer
  • Inspection of tyre pressures
  • Inspection of the radiator hoses
  • Checking the lights and fan belts 

Why is logbook servicing important?

Logbook servicing is a thorough series of general adjustments and inspections made to your car. The inspections differ from vehicle to vehicle, depending on their models and make. 

So, if you ask, ‘Is log book service worth it?’, then the answer would be a big ‘Yes!’.

It is because, when you maintain the vehicle as per its standard requirements, you will ensure the prevention of its potential damages. As a result, the long-term repair costs will be minimised. Car services Dandenong experts recommends maintaining a schedule for availing of logbook services.

In addition to ensuring protection from internal damage to the car, consistent logbook services will also increase the healthy life of the vehicle. Some car owners are definitely concerned about the increased maintenance expense of seeking periodic logbook servicing. But, in comparison to the number of expenses it will lower on big-time car breakdowns, the logbook service cost seems feasible.

This is what explains to you why logbook servicing in Melbourne is important for every car owner to consider!

Benefits of logbook service

To help you understand the significance of availing of logbook servicing, here are some of the benefits for you to count on:

1. Cutting Down on the Repair Cost

Owning a good automobile doesn’t make you a car lover! You need to give in your efforts to maintain it periodically to prevent the common flaws in its running. And that’s when you can say you care for the wheels you own. You can maintain your automobile in the best way possible by keeping up with the periodic logbook service. 

It will not just prevent damages but also cut down the prolonged repair cost in the growing stage of your vehicle’s life. All the crucial moving parts of your vehicle will be maintained to keep up with good condition and performance. Thus, there won’t be a need to replace any of them.

2. Assured Authorised Maintenance 

An authorised European car mechanic follows the brand’s rules and will know exactly where each auto part should go. This means the car owner doesn’t need to worry about anything going wrong. The car service professional and the service station have to meet the brand’s standards and provide excellent service during a car maintenance.

3. Expect A Higher Resale Price

If you ever decide to put your vehicle for sale, you will definitely expect to get the best bucks for your ride. Here, you need to show evidence that your vehicle is in good mechanical condition and has been regularly serviced. It gives the impression that your vehicle has been taken care of throughout its use by the first owner. Thus, there’s a high chance you will get a satisfactory resale value. Even if there’s any issue in the vehicle, both owner and the buyer will have transparency about it. The deal would be done faster and on better terms.

4. Increases the Life of Your Car

Logbook servicing consists of various examinations and activities for the car to test its performance on all parameters. It implements the scope of regularly maintaining the moving parts of the car, which includes transmissions, tyres and other such components. It takes optimal time and mileage for experts to determine the problems, make adjustments and fix the car to operate smoothly. 

Thus, over time the car will provide you with healthy performance, as the maintenance hassles will be significantly lowered. With regular logbook servicing, you won’t notice the degradation in fuel efficiency, brake pad malfunctions and other damages.

Avail logbook servicing only through the best provider of car services

You need to look for an authorised service provider to get over with logbook service requirements. Most car owners might believe that they only need to take their car to the dealership’s service station to ensure their vehicle’s warranty doesn’t get wasted. But that’s not the case!

If you are getting your car inspected by an authorised and reputed service provider, then your warranty won’t be compromised. You can continue to avail of your warranty and its associated services, even when you have done the logbook servicing from a different service provider. Also, you would rest assured that you will receive top-class car servicing as per the manufacturer’s standards. 

The one crucial thing you should look for while hiring service providers is friendly customer service and affordable pricing. You can check reviews, talk to past customers, consult the mechanics, and review the ongoing work to determine if the dealer is proficient enough to take on your work.


So, with this, you are now aware of all the benefits associated with logbook servicing for your car. Whether you’re about to buy a new car or already have a car that’s one year old, it is time you get an understanding of this important aspect of vehicle ownership. You need to maintain the excellent health of your vehicle to make it perform efficiently for a longer time.

You don’t want your vehicle to break down more often while planning a long trip with your friends or family. It would be a big turndown for all! Apart from that, the expensive mechanical repair costs will just make you hate yourself as a car owner. So, to avoid those guilt trips, be assured of getting your logbook servicing done on time!

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