The Impact of ERP on Packaging Innovation and R&D

The Indian packaging industry is thriving with innovation and creativity. However, companies require a robust foundation to convert creative ideas for packaging into reality. This is where technology steps in. ERP for packaging industry in India provides various benefits that empower companies to propel their R&D efforts and drive innovation. Let’s explore how ERP impacts Indian packaging companies to unlock their full potential.

Streamlined Material Management

It is important to experiment with new materials when incorporating innovation and creativity into the packaging industry. Manual tracking of inventory levels and costs of different types of materials can be prone to error and time-consuming. ERP software provides real-time data on materials’ availability, costs, and usage, allowing the R&D team to explore new materials.

Enhanced Data Analysis

Innovation requires research and an understanding of market trends. Implementing ERP software for packaging industry captures valuable data on customer feedback, consumer preferences, and sales. It allows the analysis of data that helps identify emerging trends in material choices, the buying habits of consumers, and sustainability concerns.

Improved Collaboration

ERP connects R&D teams with production, purchasing, and other departments. This promotes a collaborative environment where everyone involved in the business can exchange ideas, solicit feedback, and share their expertise. Moreover, ERP for packaging, stores and manages intellectual property about materials, designs, and processes to make vital knowledge accessible readily.

Efficient Prototype Development

Creating prototypes and testing different iterations of packaging designs is part of the R&D process. ERP software by ZipERP facilitates this by integrating it with production planning modules. With ERP, R&D teams can easily request prototype materials and track usage. It also enables prototype development cost tracking and empowers companies to stay within budget.

Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

Navigating a complex web of regulations is essential for the packaging industry. ERP software provides easy access to relevant rules, streamlines the documentation process, and ensures compliance. With ERP, companies can also track the environmental impacts of different packaging materials and methods.


By embracing ERP software from ZipERP, Indian packaging companies can move beyond traditional back-office applications and unlock many opportunities for innovation and R&D. The system empowers Indian companies to stay compliant with industry regulations and manage multicurrency projects with ease, fostering a streamlined and informed R&D.

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