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Complete Web-based Solution – School Management System


School Management is a web-based software that is specially designed and developed to manage the day-to-day process of school regulatory responsibilities in schools. School management software enables schools to monitor everyday activities digitally while also managing all resources and information on a single platform. In the modern era, most schools use school management software to boost efficiency and productivity, hence saving a significant amount of time involved in carrying out various administrative processes. These programs also serve to alleviate the burden of managing massive amounts of data from schools.

Why do you require a School Management System?

A school management system will provide school administrators with ideal control over students, all departments, relevant class learnings, billings and much more.

Let’s see a few examples:

  • Cost-efficient
  • Improved Communication
  • Analysis of Student History
  • Inventory Control
  • Library Administration
  • The Student Information System (SIS)
  • Academic Administration


You can have a clear picture of your school’s operations, such as the overall number of active users and expenses, through the Super Admin’s dashboard. There is also a side menu to access all of the pages from the dashboard. The School Management dashboard is user-friendly, so users can easily access all modules from the login page. Each user role, such as student, parent, or teacher, gets a specific dashboard where they can see an overview of their payment history and personal information.

Student Panel / Information

School Management System is a very useful system to manage all of the student’s data via single software. It allows the registration of students in classes, the documentation of previous grades as well as other assessment aspects.
Some student panel characteristics that are permitted to be visible to students, teachers, and parents are mentioned below:
  • Student Information
  • Attendance
  • Payment
  • Examination
  • Download Center
  • Send Email & SMS
  • Notice Board
  • Academics
  • Library
  • Transport
  • Hostel

Account Management

Account management can help schools to determine how much money is still owed to the school and how to properly manage future payments from students so that finance management does not miss any payments from parents.

Access data on fees received in various categories via various ways of payment with ease and generate a variety of reports.


Account administration includes the following features:

  • Fees Collection

It contains all of the information about student fees, such as transportation fees, hostel fees & so on using the Online Payment Gateway.

  • Income
This module assists the financial and accounting department by keeping track of schools’ total income & available funds.
  • Expenses
The module allows for expenses management of fees, cost of stocks, miscellaneous fees, cheques, transfers, deposits and withdrawals all in a single software.

Attendance Management

This student attendance management involves the following simple technique to record attendance for the entire class quickly:
  • Regular Attendance
  • Attendance by date
  • Attendance report

Examination Management

Teachers can organize examinations with an adequate schedule of school and paper design. It also has a function that allows teachers to enter the institute’s manual examination details. These details are visible to students & parents.

Academic Management

The Academic module automates and simplifies the whole student life cycle, from registration through class completion. It makes it easier for teachers, principals, staff, students as well as parents to carry out various activities such as timetables, assignments, subjects, teachers, classes & sections.

Download Center

This module allows uploading as well as downloading the study material of students. Some of the features are as follows:
  • Study material
  • Upload content
  • Other Download
  • Assignment
  • Syllabus
These features are available for both the teacher and student roles.


School library system assists schools in keeping a complete record of all the books available in the school, as well as other details such as the librarian list. As a result, our library management module can manage all of the school library’s major functions and makes bookshelf upkeep a breeze.


Inventory makes stock management tasks even easier. With the School Management Inventory module, the admin can compose and handle items such as stationery, books & much more that the school needs to provide to students and faculty. Add and manage the supplier from whom the school buys their stock. The vendor history, issued items, item stores can also be viewed by the administrator.


The school management system includes a highly smooth and simple to use Transport module, which assists the school in managing all day-to-day operations linked to buses in the school, driver details vehicle route list & assign vehicles on the route.


The hostel Management module comes with increased security and centralized student data processing, as well as many configurable features that assure the system’s seamless operation like hostel rooms, rooms type & hostel detail.


The communication module includes the unique features, which are outlined below:

  • Send SMS/Email:
This module allows sending SMS & Email to internal employees of the school.
  • Notice Board:
Notice Board allows school administrators to post important notices to an online notice board, which students and staff members can access via their home screen after logging in. On the notice board, school officials can also post images, exam schedules, vital messages such as parents-teachers meetings, picnic or activity/competition details and so on.


Suitable software for schools and their administrators to get a variety of reports from the complete system module-by-module to make their daily tasks easier and efficiently manage their school’s management. Features of the report management module are as follows:
  • Student report
  • Attendance report
  • Transaction report
  • Balance fees report
  • Exam mark report
  • Fees report
  • User log

System Setting

This module allows admin to add, manage & change the following system:
  • General setting
Overall school information can be visible in this module.
  • Notification setting
This module maintains notification settings, including the option to choose the type of notification.
  • SMS setting
This module provides multiple types of SMS methods using the Online SMS Gateway.
  • Email setting
This module allows sending emails through the hosting Send Mail software, or SMTP email engine if you want to send an email over an SMTP relay.
  • Payment methods
This module provides varieties of payment methods using the Online Payment Gateway.
  • Backup/restore
This module saves the entire system’s backup & helps to restore the same.
  • Languages
The systems are designed to support multiple languages.
  • Admin users
This module allows you to add new admin users.
  • Users

This module allows you to add new user roles

Common Features

Edit, delete, import, export and print are all common features included in each module.

Additional Feature

Our school management system offers customized features according to your accounting software.
Finance Management – an additional feature of our school management system that provides you with specific features that allow you to manage overall finance-related processes with overflows such as import-export account details and then you will get the exact finance report, which reduces the need to use another software to manage your accounts.


We offer a cost-effective school management system that suits your school management!

We are offering you a system that is not only fast but also dependable, allowing you to organize a myriad of school administrative operational processes and tasks in no time.

Check out the SMS’ concept on YouTube:

Technology Stack

Super Admin

  • CodeIgniter
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery

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