ONGC and EverEnviro Partners to Establish CBG Plants in India

Compressed Biogas, commonly recognized as CBG, is a purified version of biogas. During the biogas purification process, hydrogen sulfide, water vapour, carbon dioxide, and other gases present in small portions are removed to maximize methane content.

The calorific value, along with other CBG properties, is similar to those of CNG. Thus, it can substitute compressed natural gas for several industrial, commercial, and automotive applications.

The government, along with several private and public organizations in India, has recognized the benefits of CBG for the country. Considering the abundance of biomass in India, several organizations and government bodies have started establishing compressed biogas plants for a better future.

One such update that has made headlines in the biogas industry is the partnership between ONGC and EverEnviro. The collaboration is to set up CBG plants throughout the country. This initiative is in line with India’s renewable energy enhancement efforts.

According to the recent news, EverEnviro plans to set up over 100 compressed biogas plants in India. Currently, the company is developing more than 20 facilities in different states, including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, and Delhi.

The CBG facilities will process different kinds of feedstock like agro waste, ago-industrial waste, and MSW to produce biogas and, ultimately, compressed biogas. The investment amount granted for the CBG projects is believed to be INR 20 billion and the daily expected outcome stands at 320 tonnes of compressed biogas.

Apart from the ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) and EverEnviro partnership, the latter has also collaborated with Indian Oil Corporation and Indraprastha Gas to set up several compressed biogas facilities across the country.

The newly introduced subsidiary of ONGC, ONGC Green, will focus on the gas and green energy sector. The subsidiary will participate in several energy value chains, including biofuels, renewable energy sources, carbon capture utilization, green hydrogen and its derivatives, and more. The company also announced its plans to invest INR 1 trillion in the construction of two petrochemical plants in November 2023. The initiative comes in line with the firm wanting to expand its stand and operations in the energy sector.

Talking about the collaboration, Deepak Agarwal, the Executive Director of EverEnviro Resource Management, said, “We are honored to partner with ONGC, one of the Maharatnas of the Government of India, for bolstering domestic renewable energy production. Our vision is to attain a daily CBG output of 1,000 metric tons on a pan India scale within the next five years.”

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