Mobile App Solution for Cashless Event Ticket & Voucher Management

Love to visit an event? But get tried to spending time in a lengthy queue to get the ticket. The app TaPago is a cashless ticket and voucher management app for events. Our Innovative, Secure and fast transacting platform brings the latest seamless technology for cashless event management and other use cases from end-to-end.

About The Project TaPago

We were approached by the client to make an app that manages the problem of events tickets and vouchers in Mocambique. His thought was to manage their events tickets cashless and wants the complete digital solution for their events management. So, he wanted us to build a Mobile App for both the platform (iOS & Android) that can let users show mobile (QR Code) ticket at event entry – Show mobile (QR Code) voucher for mobile scan purchase

Tapago is an integrated platform for event organizers to rest their mind when organizing events. It provides direct ticket sale to event Gowers, saving third party commissions; provides Access Control and Cashless Payment systems that increase on-site spend by up to 38%, eliminate ticket fraud, and improves security. Tapago allows for entities delivery Gift Vouchers for employees to redeem at supermarkets; it allows Conference organizers to invite and manage access to delegates. Tapago supports Health Insurance companies by facilitating confirmation at pharmacies so beneficiaries have minimum waiting time to collect medicine and control their medical aid spending.

What We Did

Primarily, the app was build in the hybrid platform. Looking at the engagement of users, attractive design, and encouraging reviews, the client approached us to make it in a Native app. Our developers laid the foundation and made a foolproof plan to deliver the best possible mobile application in the Native platform.

We made sure to include the significant technology OCR to scan all the entry ticket and provide users to store it with ease and ordered manner. In addition, we incorporated some basic features for an app like event registration. Explore the events online near you or in your city. Our expert developers left no stone unturned to make it attractive and feature-rich Native apps for both (iOS and Android) platforms.

Explore the APP

The app is so designed that even an inexpert mobile user can navigate through each feature without any difficulty.


Event creator: Registers an account – Publishes an event

User: Registers an account-Buy online ticket for specific event-Exchange vouchers for that event

Vendor: Register an account to be added for specific event


Event creator: Grants access to users – Add vendors

User: Show mobile (QR Code) ticket at event entry – Show mobile (QR Code) voucher for mobile scan purchase

Vendor: Scan user mobile to sale goods


Event creator: Gather event statistics to reconcile sales – Get paid by TaPago – Pays vendors

User: Ensure all vouchers and tickets were used up because there is no refund available yet

Vendor: Reconcile sales and get paid by Event creator

See what client Say about us:

Our TaPago application client (Analberto Santos Ph.D) appreciate our team by sharing their thought with us.

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The app became a sudden success among its users. If you are in the hunt for the same kind of mobile app (For iOS and Android) such as event organizer game or casino spinner, then XcelTec is a one-stop solution for you!

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