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Laravel 10 and what are they?

Laravel is one of the most well-liked PHP frameworks, and web designers use it to create online apps. On February 14, 2023, Laravel version 10 was published. It has a variety of new features and improvements. As we move through this blog, we’ll be looking at the most current changes and improvements in this new Laravel version.

1. What has Laravel 10 added?
The addition of new features and upgrades is the best aspect of the new release. So without further ado, let’s look at the new additions and upgrades to Laravel.

2. Predis Version Upgrade
Due to the addition of Laravel 10, Predis1 will no longer be supported by Laravel; going forward, the framework will only support Predis 2. The PHP “Redis” client, a powerful version of Predis, can assist you in getting the most out of caching to give a smooth user experience.

3.Why Native-Type Declaration is Important.
Laravel used to use DocBlocks in its skeleton code to ensure what a piece of code might do and what kinds of parameters or answers to anticipate. However, everything will change once the new release includes native type declarations.
Because IDEs will be aware of the anticipated parameter and answer shapes, this modification will undoubtedly improve the development experience. The code editors will operate more efficiently thanks to the auto-complete functionality.

4.Changes in Invokable validation rules:
Prior to Laravel 10, we had to add an invokable flag after the Artisan command, however, this is no longer necessary because Laravel 10 rules are already invokable by default.

5. Fixtures in Eager Loading Optimization:
Why are we using the term fixtures rather than features? Its features outweigh its fixes by a wide margin.It addresses lingering problems with eager loading relations and generates a huge number of impossible queries that must be done.

This blog covers every significant improvement and feature of Laravel version 10, the most recent release. After learning about these new features, you might be eager to use this new version, so don’t wait any longer and begin developing apps on your own with the new Laravel 10.

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