iOS App vs Android App: Choose the Best For Mobile App Development

In today’s era where technological advancements are occurring quickly, there is a lot of competition in the market as well. To live an easy life people require everything to be operated from their devices which ultimately makes Mobile App Development necessary for all the businesses.

Customers are now more dependent on their smartphones for payment, shopping, traveling, and nearly everything. Smartphones have replaced workstations and PCs in the day-to-day lives of individuals. Thus, to succeed in the digital world, having a site isn’t sufficient, you want to make your business accessible at their fingertips. And keeping in mind that you’re taking this action to the mobile application, quite possibly the earliest choice you’d need to make is the decision of the working framework.

So, let’s head on towards the answer on ios App vs Android App, which one to choose the best for mobile app development?

Android App Development VS iOS App Development: Which is better for you?

The number of users that use one or another mobile platform shows us how many potential users your application can have.

1) Market Share

The number of users that use one or another mobile platform shows us how many potential users your application can have.


2) Demographics

Android at present holds the main worldwide stage share. This market share comes from developing countries and lower-income areas. where else

iOS users are more youthful, with an advanced education level, In this manner, they spend more per application.

The more data you have on user demographics and your interest group, the better you’d have the option to pick the right mobile platforms for app development.

3) Development cost

While picking between Android versus iOS App Development, consider that the estimated application costs may be higher for Android development.

Android OS powers numerous gadgets with various screen sizes. This reality builds the advancement time, as well as the expenses.

Then again, iOS has a restricted measure of gadgets, which likewise accelerates the advancement interaction.In any case, iOS versus android app development costs rely upon the number of elements and application complexity.

4) Testing

iOS and Android OS have their test systems for application testing. In any case, there are a few distinctions between them. TestFlight, the iOS testing environment, is quicker than the Android emulator. Yet, the Android emulator virtual machine is more successful and has a more practical portrayal.

5) Application Updates

Both working frameworks release a new OS once a year. Accordingly, consider that refreshing the iOS applications for the new OS delivery might require as long as about fourteen days and affect your item guide and business procedure. Concerning Android, it will require a few hours to publish the new application release. Xceltec can also help you with all the processes by providing you with a Dedicated iOS Developer who will take care of your project.


XcelTec has kept its best foot forward by thinking about the client’s requirements and carrying out the best answer for them. It is challenging to begin with the Android and iOS application development as it requires critical experience and information to succeed in this part. Our group has experts that will finish the iOS and Android application development to match client’s assumptions and give an incredible client experience with the applications.

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