How Web Scraping TripAdvisor Reviews Data Boosts Your Business Growth

scrape tripadvisor reviews

Are you one of the 94% of buyers who rely on online reviews to make the final decision? This means that most people today explore reviews before taking action, whether booking hotels, visiting a place, buying a book, or something else.

We understand the stress of booking the right place, especially when visiting somewhere new. Finding the balance between a perfect spot, services, and budget is challenging. Many of you consider TripAdvisor reviews a go-to solution for closely getting to know the place.

Here comes the accurate game-changing method—scrape TripAdvisor reviews data. But wait, is it legal and ethical? Yes, as long as you respect the website’s terms of service, don’t overload its servers, and use the data for personal or non-commercial purposes. What? How? Why?

Do not stress. We will help you understand why many hotel, restaurant, and attraction place owners invest in web scraping TripAdvisor reviews or other platform information. This powerful tool empowers you to understand your performance and competitors’ strategies, enabling you to make informed business changes. What next?

Let’s dive in and give you a complete tour of the process of web scraping TripAdvisor review data!

What Is Scraping TripAdvisor Reviews Data?

Extracting customer reviews and other relevant information from the TripAdvisor platform through different web scraping methods. This process works by accessing publicly available website data and storing it in a structured format to analyze or monitor.

Various methods and tools available in the market have unique features that allow you to extract TripAdvisor hotel review data hassle-free. Here are the different types of data you can scrape from a TripAdvisor review scraper:

  • Hotels
  • Ratings
  • Awards
  • Location
  • Pricing
  • Number of reviews
  • Review date
  • Reviewer’s Name
  • Restaurants
  • Images

You may want other information per your business plan, which can be easily added to your requirements.

What Are The Ways To Scrape TripAdvisor Reviews Data?

TripAdvisor uses different web scraping methods to review data, depending on available resources and expertise. Let us look at them:

Scrape TripAdvisor Reviews Data Using Web Scraping API

An API helps to connect various programs to gather data without revealing the code used to execute the process. The scrape TripAdvisor Reviews is a standard JSON format that does not require technical knowledge, CAPTCHAs, or maintenance.

Now let us look at the complete process:

First, check if you need to install the software on your device or if it’s browser-based and does not need anything. Then, download and install the desired software you will be using for restaurant, location, or hotel review scraping. The process is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring your confidence in using these tools.

Now redirect to the web page you want to scrape data from and copy the URL to paste it into the program.

Make updates in the HTML output per your requirements and the information you want to scrape from TripAdvisor reviews.

Most tools start by extracting different HTML elements, especially the text. You can then select the categories that need to be extracted, such as Inner HTML, href attribute, class attribute, and more.

Export the data in SPSS, Graphpad, or XLSTAT format per your requirements for further analysis.

Scrape TripAdvisor Reviews Using Python

TripAdvisor review information is analyzed to understand the experience of hotels, locations, or restaurants. Now let us help you to scrape TripAdvisor reviews using Python:

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