How to Build the Rest of API in Yii2?

RESTful architecture has revolutionized the way we think about (and construct) web applications by breaking down the project software communities into smaller, more focused apps that communicate with one another via RESTful calls since its inception.
To deliver a seamless user experience, Client-Server Infrastructure allows web clients and phone applications to connect with the same technology (such as a server-side API).

In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to create a RESTful API with the Yii framework (version 2), a component-based PHP framework with good performance.

This lesson will benefit from a basic understanding of the Yii framework and PHP. Throughout the course, We would provide brief explanations and links to relevant sections of the official material. Before continuing, go over the linked material again if you have any questions.

You must also have the following software installed on your computer:

REST APIs become critical elements of the process when working on a cross-platform application. This is why there are so many third-party APIs available on the Internet that give a wide variety of functionality and usability. Yii is a popular PHP framework with a well-defined MVC architecture for quick web development. You must develop a REST API in Yii2 to create a cross-platform Yii2 Application Development.

In the Yii 2 framework, REST API can be created in the procedure entails:


Hope this guide helps you to learn how to create or build Rest API using the Yii2 technique.

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