Exploring Lesser-Known Indian Spices That Are Gaining Global Popularity

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India’s culinary heritage is a blend of vibrant colors, flavors, and aromas highly influenced by the wide range of spices it produces. Beyond the familiar spices, many lesser-known spices have made their way into global cuisines. This is all because of the spices exporter from India, who contribute to introducing these unique spices to the world. Let’s explore some of these fascinating Indian spices and understand why they are becoming popular worldwide.

Carom Seeds (Ajwain)

The oval-shaped, tiny seeds are usually compared to thyme but are bitter and intense comparatively. Traditionally used for digestive aids and in breads like parathas, carom seeds are used to add more flavor to soups, season roasted vegetables, and twist to baked food items. Carom seeds are also highly valued for their medicinal properties, relieving gas, and aiding digestion.


Fruit native to the Western Ghats of India, kokum is a sticky and dark spice with a tangy flavor. It is generally used to add sourness to curries and dals. Kokum works best as an alternative to lemon juice or tamarind in the kitchen worldwide. It is also used for beverages and summer refreshing drinks. Kokum is a popular choice for health-conscious consumers as it possesses anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in antioxidants.

Mace (Javitri)

Mace is a lacy covering of nutmeg seed, but it has a delicate flavor with an aromatic and slightly sweet taste. Mace is usually added to the famous Biryani in India, and it is also added to garam masala. Mace adds depth to savory and sweet dishes, which makes it a renowned spice globally. You can source this unique spice from reputable and reliable spices suppliers in India to get the finest mace for international markets.

Wild Celery (Radhuni)

A prominent part of Bengali cuisine, wild celery resembles ajwain but is more aromatic yet milder in flavor. It has gained popularity in international cuisines as it gives an earthy aroma to various foods. Wild celery seeds are used for seasoning salads, soups, and fish and add a unique twist to traditional recipes.

Ghost Pepper (Naga Morich)

Hailing from Northeast India, the ghost pepper of Bhoot Jolokia is among the world’s spiciest chilies. However, despite its intensity, ghost pepper has picked up steam in international markets. It is used in marinades, sauces, and spice blends. The ghost pepper isn’t readily available. However, you can ensure its quality and availability from Leo International, India’s prominent supplier of spices.


Indian spices are gaining popularity internationally with their distinctive flavors and health benefits. Suppliers like Leo International play a significant role in ensuring the quality and availability of these spices by exporting them to international markets.

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