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The best advertising you can have is a loyal customer spreading the word about how incredible your business is.” – Shep Hyken

Al Dobowi is a globally renowned systems and solutions provider for tyre management, power storage, industrial rubber, material handling and fluid management industries. Exide Batteries LLC. is a part of Al Dobowi for which we have created an app. The name of the mobile application is ‘Awwal’.
Among hundreds of happy customers, we added one today. Like always, Xceltec today got amazing feedback from the client for building a precise and secured app. Xceltec’s team of app developers and designers put their maximum effort to make sure Exide Batteries LLC. get one of the best app in the market. Xceltec build their app development processing in such a way that matches and exceeds the expectation of customers. For developing such apps, we have created an enhanced app development flow which help us in delivering such incredible apps.

Awwal is a leading mobile app providing real-time tracking of secondary, tertiary Sales, and warranty management. The app obtains the movement of the product through different channels such as manufacturer, warehouse, distributor, retailer, and institution with the help of QR code data.

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