Employee Spotlight – Abhay Bhatti

Meet Abhay Bhatti, one of our talented PHP/Laravel developers at XcelTec. In this video, he shares his experiences and insights from working with us.

Abhay Bhatti’s passion for PHP/Laravel development and his commitment to excellence have greatly enriched our software development team. From the very beginning, his positive energy and teamwork have played a crucial role in fostering a creative and productive workplace.

We sincerely appreciate Abhay Bhatti for his positive review. His hard work and dedication at XcelTec are truly valued.

Want to grow your career like Abhay Bhatti? Apply now and be part of our Software development team at XcelTec.

Interested candidates can share their CV at hr@xceltec.com or

Call us at +91 987-969-8003 or +91 987-969-1209.

Visit us at: https://www.xceltec.com/


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