Crafting AR-VR based Game Apps with Unity 3D Development

Let’s your thoughts go wild with our interactive gaming app

Gaming has become a vital part of the mobile and web industry, turning into a rapidly growing industry worth billions of dollars universally. Millions of smartphone users and tech-savvy people spend their time playing games on their mobile laptops and tablets. Developing characteristic and striking games require technical expertise, creative mind as real storytelling.

XcelTec – Craft Unity 3D Game with AR/VR Expertise

XcelTec is a leading unity 3D game development company in India & the USA. We are professional in unity 3d app development and have worked on many web-based and mobile gaming projects with our AR/VR expertise. Our team of experienced Unity developers & AR/VR developers has mastery over Direct3D, Open GL, and Open GL ES, Unity 3D & 2D art, Unity Character design, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, & Multiple Genres. We XcelTec, a unity3D game development company deliver bespoke and wide-ranging unity3D game development services to the vast and varied industry verticals.

Here is the sneak peek of our latest work that is the perfect mixture of unity 3D and AR/VR. We have created a Table Tennis game that players can play those games with any smartphones.

Interactive Features of Our Table Tennis Game

  • Realistic Physics
  • Online Multiplayer Capabilities Vs Computer Gameplay (AI)
  • Super Easy Control
  • Record and Share on Social Media
  • Excellent Graphics
  • Multiple Locations Play

What features you will get for XcelTec

  • Game is Developed for 2 Player
  • Development tools are Unity3D – C# as a scripting language.
  • Game has 3 different locations to play with.
  • Realistic physics and best input method.
  • Social Sharing
  • Natural Music for the game

Top Unity 3D Game Development Services by XcelTec

UI/UX design: HD game development with beautiful interface design using hand-drawn sketches & UI references for UX visualization.

 Unity 3D & 2D art: Conceptualize game architecture with various visual elements such as characters, objects & animations.

 Unity Character design: Realistic and captivating gaming storyline with our creative character designers and sketch artists.

Virtual Reality: VR games for various platforms with 3D character and realistic environments that are compliant with VR headsets.

Augmented Reality: Integration of visuals and audio with the user’s environment in real-time for an augmented gaming experience.

Multiple Genres: Creating addicting games in genres like Puzzle, Adventure, Action, Racing, many more.

The expert app developers at the organization developed mobile apps that are customizable according to the client’s needs, and that can be used easily. knows the custom app development services by XcelTec and listed us as the company among the top mobile app development companies.

If you would like to build a Table Tennis game for you or do you have any specific customization then you can check out our Unity 3D Game Development or AR/VR development services and process in detail.

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