CEO Vishal Shah’s Birthday Celebrated by XcelTec with Full of Joy

Intellect, mastermind, outstanding, bright, enthusiasm, superiority, versatility consolidated XcelTec Interactive Private Limited. The Best Web & Mobile App Development Company in India & USA. XcelTec is known for delivering excellence in technology. XcelTec team feeling thrilled happiness while celebrating the birthday of their CEO.

Director of XcelTec Mrs. Dipali Shah – filled themselves with full of happiness and praise on the occasion of Birthday Celebration. XCELTECIANS expressed their happiness with roars and cheers on the birthday celebration at the office premise and greeted company CEOs best wishes for further success.

Our team is living and loving XcelTec life. Here at XcelTec, it’s not just about the programming, projects, and deadlines. It’s also about weekends and celebrations. We know the importance of special days, festivals and celebrate it to the fullest.

The Celebration Party is Begin

Let’s Celebrate, It’s the Birthday of Our Boss

We have fully decorated our premises, especially the CEO’s cabin. The Colorful balloons and the beautiful ribbons had totally changed the scene of the office. We experienced as if we were working at a different place as the soft music and decorations made a great difference. So many mesmerizing surprises were waiting for him when he arrived in the office. Our COO gives him beautiful flowers bouquet and greets him with warmful wishes. We all wished him personally.

Then at night, it was time for the cake cutting ceremony at a beautiful restaurant, the restaurant is decorated with the colorful balloons bunches and bright ribbons adds the extra charms in restaurant beauty. Everyone is very excited and between all enthusiasm and cheers the CEO is entered in the restaurant we all are welcoming with claps and then the cake cutting is begin. Excitements are not over yet, the party has just begun. Check below the glimpse of birthday celebration. You can check more pictures and videos of the birthday celebration on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Let me share with you some qualities of him that make him the most inspiring BOSS for all of us on this special occasion.

Positive Attitude

“Our ATTITUDE towards life and work that makes our life 100% successful”. This is the best credible quality of him that has been the key for the completion of so many projects effectively. Your attitude of being positive and always looking for positivity at any hard situations is what gives us confidence.

A Complete Team Man

“Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships”. Together we can go far; it is the motto of success for him. He has trust in his team and always support the team when needed. As a boss, he invariably is a backbone and supports his team and that quality makes him a complete team man.

Fighting Spirit till the End

“No matter how dark your cloud is; sun on you will always beat this darkness”. When the boss is there you cannot drop hope. Keep fighting, no matter how hard the condition is. He always keeps motivating his team to never lose the hope to accomplish what you wish to have.

Kindest heart to understand other problems

All the employees and the colleagues have feels this quality in our Boss which hardly to be found in BOSS. His listening ability allows everybody to discuss new ideas without hesitating.

Ability to Communicate and Convince

Energetic communication skill is the leading quality of a successful leader. With the ultimate communication skills, he holds that convinces clients. Whether he is talking about any project requirements or convincing the clients; his communication skills keep him on the top of the bust.

It’s the party time now here at XcelTec celebrating the Birthday of Boss. Overload joy, cheerfulness, and fun covered up in & as memories and lot more to come in coming years, till then have wonderful days! Be in touch with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to catch more party moments.

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