Brandon Amoroso’s Top 9 Shopify Apps for eCommerce Success

Brandon Amoroso's Top 9 Shopify Apps for eCommerce Success

Shopify, one of the top eCommerce platforms, features a wide selection of apps that enhance the various features of an online store. Brandon Amoroso, a renowned specialist in digital marketing and eCommerce strategy, has a list of 9 top Shopify apps that are necessary to achieve success in the eCommerce business.

Ranging from better customer experience to increased sales, these apps perform a wide variety of tasks.
Utilizing these apps in your Shopify store, especially with the help of professional Shopify development services, can give your business a dynamic new dimension.

Optimizing your Shopify store with must-have apps

Optimizing your Shopify store with must-have apps

Optimizing your Shopify store with must-have apps

The current market capitalization of Shopify is $100 billion and it has an annual revenue of $4.6 billion. By selecting appropriate apps and integrating them with your Shopify store, you can substantially increase the functionality of the store, improve customer experience, and boost sales.

The following list includes 9 apps that take care of every aspect of your eCommerce business:

9 apps that take care of every aspect of your eCommerce business

9 apps that take care of every aspect of your eCommerce business


Malomo is a shipment tracking and marketing platform that transforms the usual post-purchase experience into an active customer engagement channel. It provides businesses with an opportunity to build branded tracking pages for shipments. Through regular updates and customer engagement, Malomo assists in increasing customer satisfaction and fostering a loyal customer base.


Klaviyo is a robust email marketing and SMS platform tailored for eCommerce brands. It provides merchants with the ability to send personalized and automated messages based on the customer’s behavior and preferences. Combined with Shopify, Klaviyo can group customers by their interactions with your store, resulting in more precise and impactful marketing campaigns. provides an advanced chatbot and quiz platform for Shopify stores, specializing in the personalization of the shopping process. Chatbots are able to answer customer queries, recommend products and even help customers with checkouts 24/7. The quiz feature is very useful in identifying customer preferences and offering personalized recommendations, which greatly improves the customer journey.


Rebuy is an AI-driven personalization engine that automates smart product recommendations not only on your Shopify store but also across multiple channels. It collects customer data to provide product recommendations based on their interests. The main advantage of Rebuy is that it helps to lift average order value and customer lifetime value by offering appropriate upselling and cross-selling proposals.


Attentive is an exclusive SMS marketing platform for businesses that allows them to directly communicate with their customers through text messages. It runs personalized messaging campaigns taking into account customers’ actions and preferences, which in the end significantly boosts engagement and sales. From promotional messages and sale alerts to cart recovery texts, Attentive spans a wide range of use cases, which makes it a versatile tool for mobile marketing.


Recharge is a leading solution that allows merchants to add subscriptions and recurring billing features to their Shopify stores. It enables businesses to sell their products or services on a subscription basis by getting a recurring revenue stream and improving customer retention.

Recharge facilitates customers to handle their subscriptions, allowing them to select the delivery schedules and product options that suit them, thus improving their experience and loyalty to the brand.


Ecocart is a sustainability-centered app that quantifies the carbon footprint of every order and provides customers with the alternative to make their purchases carbon-neutral at checkout.

This can be accomplished by providing a small amount as a contribution to environmental initiatives such as reforestation or renewable energy projects. Ecocart attracts eco-conscious customers who shop sustainably and this can enhance the image and appeal of your brand.


Gatsby is an influencer marketing platform that is designed to help Shopify merchants find micro-influencers in their customer base and connect with them. By assessing the social media influence of customers, Gatsby helps businesses discover potential brand advocates and utilize their reach for marketing efforts. This way of influencer marketing makes it scalable and makes it easier for brands to reach wider audiences through genuine consumer advocacy.

CartHook Post Purchase Offers

CartHook Post Purchase Offers enable Shopify merchants to provide upsell and cross-sell offers to customers as soon as they’ve completed a purchase, thus optimizing the checkout flow.

Placing these products strategically while the customer is on high buying intent increases the overall purchase value without being disruptive to the customer’s buying process. With CartHook you can set up and maintain all these offers in a few clicks, thus you have a very effective way to increase customer lifetime value.


Brandon Amoroso’s Top 9 Shopify apps are a great one-stop shop for all eCommerce businesses who have the intention of reaching the top. From helping with customer engagement and driving loyalty to improving operations and higher sales, these apps do a perfect job.

Nevertheless, the efficiency of the tools depends on their proper application and adaptation. Businesses can connect with Shiv Technolabs, the best Shopify development company, to make sure that these apps are not only seamlessly integrated but also growth and customer satisfaction.

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