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Property Management Solution

Panoramic recognizes that our customer intends to create things easy for them. For the identical, Panoramic Launched Simplify & Redefine Community Living with the foremost advanced Apartment / Society / Property Management Software includes features like tracking rent, scheduling maintenance and repairs, screening applicants, & paying vendors with Affordable, professional software that increases income, improves efficiency.

The best trendy application software by Panoramic Infotech gives a package for property management that is simple to use on a smartphone, tablet, and mobile device for rental professionals. The Application for Residents of Societies, Duplex, Apartments, Bungalows and company offices. to produce data regarding the society and alumni members, maintenance and payment, conferences and events, visitors, assets, checking account, etc. Also, give numerous reports, exposure gallery, Email / SMS Alerts, grievance chase give numerous Members like Admin, Chairman, President, Secretary-Treasurer Society member, etc. Property management software package streamlines and automates the regular responsibilities of landlords and property house owners or managers.blank

What are the main features of Property Management Software that should look for?

The Property Management Software features include a solution for Accounting with the year ending Process, Maintenance, Administrative Management, Events, Notifications, Billings, Communications, Security, Vendors & more.
First of all, it is a User Login & Admin based authentication & access for Community Member Panel to Community Society Panel.

Property Management Software Solutions for Landlord:

  • Accounting with the year ending Process:-

Nowadays, no one has that abundant time to resolve all-year accounting, however currently you will be ready to manage all accounts connected issues from your device. Everything includes in property management accounting revolves around a chart of accounts. there’s plenty to accounting, from general best practices to straightforward tips which will build managing your property accounting easier. The money accounting methodology records transactions on-line whether or not they are either paid, or payment is received. we have a tendency to conclude with a comprehensive review of the simplest accounting software package for property management.

  • Maintenance Solution:-

Property management maintenance software package refers to digital platforms accustomed alter work orders, chase plus data, and developing cost-optimized maintenance budgets. This can be one of the simplest ways for landlords and property managers to regulate their maintenance to-do lists. We have a tendency to design the Facilities & Maintenance Management Assessment software package when mensuration thousands of organizations regarding their maintenance and facility processes. This assessment is intended to assist you to gauge where your organization stands in terms of operations initiatives and maintenance, & it helps you pinpoint areas for improvement.

  • Administrative Solution:-

People must connect with the Administrative Manager for each Property-related solution like paper submission & others. Now you’ll manage all those management with the assistance of the devices on your hand. Property Administrative management system is now easy to maintain in your own way.

  • Events & Important Announcement:-

Our event management system automates & simplifies the complete event planning process. Starting with deriving your locale & ending with custom dashboards & reports you after your event. Event Management software package automates promoting, registration, coordination, & schedule of events & provides you with the Announcements. We’ve got everything covered.

  • Notifications:-

Get all updated news & headlines at the Notification bar. Our software notifies you each & every small to big thing whether it’s notifying residents about maintenance issues, rent reminders, emergencies, community events, or lease renewals, a mass notification system keeps residents & staff with safety & informed.

  • Billings:-

The key benefits of a billing and invoicing system are a lucid reduction in administrative tasks and errors. Having a system that automates key functions like invoice generation and mailing still as financial statements.

  • Communications:-

Communication tools can prompt tenants to define their preferred contact method once they sign a lease. Sadly, several property groups struggle with effective tenant communication. Our software package permits clear, frequent contact between property management and tenants. Property teams can keep tenants within the loop about building updates, changes to protocols, amenity information, and more on a usual.

  • Security System:-

Property management systems are becoming increasingly connected to the internet – with many of those systems not being developed with a great emphasis on cyber security. Our software makes you relieved because it has all reserved securities solutions in one platform. Here your documents are safe in a digital form. Sometimes real documents have a risk of getting lost or having fraud, but here you can easily see the activities which are done with your documents; that makes you feel Secure.

  • Community Portal with Vendor Details:-

This Portal provides property managers, homeowners associations & co-ops with tools to manage & organize their communities. Vendors provide a wide variety of services to tenants & properties. In a single Software, you have a benefit to using Community Portal with Vendor Services.

  • Payments Management:-

The management department follows all updated Payments method & use them at the time of Payments. Gives online payments facilities to members while paying payments.

Property Management Software Solutions for Tenants:

  • Payment Solutions:-

Tenants should have access to the same payment system as the landlord.

  • Communication Channel:-

Landlord and tenant can benefit from a two-way communication channel. Tenants will be able to request maintenance of the apartment and receive answers to their questions as soon as possible.

  • Maintenance Tracking and Reporting:-

This allows tenants to easily connect with landlords for any repair needs, share photos, and even secure third-party contracts to quickly resolve any issues.

  • Document Management:-

Users ought to even be ready to tag, manage, and sign through the applying. this will embody checks, credit scores, tenant forms, and insurance documents.

  • Online Leases:-

With online leases, applicants can immediately submit digital lease offers to landlords.

Final Thought

The best ever property management software helps property investors track rental income & overdue taxes by simplifying communication between owners & tenants, & digitizing paperwork such as invoices & lease agreements so that it’s securely stored in the cloud and easy to find.

Reach us now for the property management software which helps the smaller, passive real estate investor consolidate information for each property & track the performance of their entire rental property portfolio.

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