AMPLE: A personalized Artificial Intelligence Video Bot with widgets.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence: Two most powerful weapons for any business. Businesses are using chatbots to enhance their customer experience, save money and for sales automation. Chatbot has proven its ability by providing instant support and personalized services. Chatbots are very helpful for solving customer queries, typical service requests, or locating the right products and services, but their effectiveness can be increased even more with video.

Video bots are the advanced step of a chatbots where you can talk, and see the details about products through screen sharing. Businesses are accepting and implying this new generation technology in their applications. Thus, video bots can surely become an alternative of chatbots in near future.

What is AMPLE?

AMPLE: A personalized AI video bot with widgets developed by XcelTec. With AMPLE you just need to go to the website or an application and sales representative guides you for your desired products by screen sharing through video bot and easily you can buy any products with the ease from home. No need to go to the shop or search for a product more and more, that works for everyone and saves time.

Video bot does not only guide the customers but that helps businesses to sell more, improve brand loyalty and customer relationships. Video bots can interact with customers in a way to answer all the queries arrived from them, and new tools like AMPLE, surely have taken personalization to the next level. Video bots can be placed in any webpage to engage it with a wide range of roles like in sales, customer support and service, product and service enquiries, demos, etc.


Implementation of AMPLE with XcelTec

XcelTec is implementing “AMPLE” in their business to enhance customer relationships. Ample (Video bot) is a new and innovative business tool to increase customer engagement, enhance personalization and automate the steps for leads need to be taken. With the implementation of Ample with XcelTec, it will be beneficiary to the jobseekers, and clients. And Ample is not limited to only prospects but also helps the company in promoting brand loyalty, sales, customer relationship and engagement in a digital manner.

  • Customers / Candidates feel valued when you interact with team via video. They see it as a personalized way of delivering customer service which, in turn, helps build a stronger connection.
  • Digital alternative for B2B and B2C communication
  • Easily connect with HR team on video call to make recruitment process smooth, Can explain things with screen sharing and gather requirements using customized widgets.
  • Effortless demo and requirement exchanging with sales team through screen sharing and using customized widgets.
  • 24/7 availability of support team with monitoring the No. of call received, attended, recording with future use and future engagement of the customers by offering customized solutions.
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How AMPLE works with XcelTec?

Ample with XcelTec has two perspective of usability. One with HR to jobseekers and another is sales team and support team to client. For jobseekers, it is easy to connect with the HR team and can have interview and sharing of document digitally via video call. This way candidate doesn’t need to visit the office and still it can be possible to have personal interview. For clients, it is easy to get their queries solved via video call and with the help of screen sharing. Through this approach, client feel valued and their issues can be solved promptly.

For Job Seekers:

  • Job-seekers can connect with HR team through video call for the information related to the job openings.
  • Available assistants will be seen in the list and job seekers can connect with any of them.
  • HR can ask for a resume through the personalized widget where candidate will share document or photo during the call.
  • HR can record the call for the future reference and can view and listen to the recording whenever needed.

For Clients:

  • Clients can make a call to their preferred available support assistant from the list.
  • The screen can be shared from both the ends for an improved communication & understanding of the product or service more clearly.
  • Support team can record the video call from their side for reference purpose.
  • Clients can share their specific documents with an assistant if they have any requirements.
  • Ample allows capturing inputs from the clients using various customized widgets.

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