Advanced HR Management System

Advanced HR Management System


We’ve understood about several Human Resource Management System features; Those functionalities were the last but not the least!

The Advanced Human Resource Management System is essentially designed and developed for the management of organizations with multiple branches/offices.

So, whether you’re looking to incorporate  HRMS  in your company – or hoping to convince upper management to improve or consolidate your present system . here is the advanced Human Resource Management System that will help your company flourish. Let us now move on to the Advanced Features of the HR Management System.


Advanced Dashboard

While HRMS dashboards provide basic features, Advanced HRMS dashboards display additional features to individual user roles.The advanced features are as follows:

  • Total no of expenses & paid salary
  • Total no of companies & locations
  • Current day’s attendance
  • Recruitment timeline
  • Company-wise salaries
  • Station-wise salaries
  • Department-wise salaries
  • Designation-wise salaries
When it comes to the employee management dashboard, advance HRMS offers the following features:
  • Employees personal data
  • Project management
  • Announcement
  • Awards
  • Attendance


HRMS provides the management for a single company, But Advanced HRMS offers to manage multiple companies & It helps the super admin to keep track of all of the companies with a single system.

This module also allows adding the multiple managements such as:

  • Company’s branches
  • Companies all over locations
  • Manage departments
  • Expense lists such as rent, maintenance & wages

Advanced Employee Management

Employee management should be considered as the basic feature, But there are some additional features also included in an advance HRMS as  this module allows following adding and managing:

  • New employees
  • Travel planning of employees
  • Promotion list
  • Warning list
  • Employees’ last login details


A Project Management manages & maintain the responsibility for all employees working on the project’s requirements and questions, as well as tracking their work progress, planning out the work, dividing duties and recording all information and data relevant to the project. this module helps to manage the project details & assign the task on a priority basis.



User role can use the timesheet tool to input the time and tasks they complete on a regular basis and provide their employer with an overview of their work and project progress.

The Timesheet process removes the need for manual or excels input.

With our Advance HRMS, organizations can easily manage daily reports.
It allows the following management:

  • Attendance management
  • Office shifts management
  • Holidays management
  • Leaves management

Task Sheet

The Task Sheet management module is used to keep records of individual and team tasks in order to complete the task on time. Management of task sheets includes task requirements such as working hours on a project as well as details of task priorities.


Advanced Payroll Management

The payroll module is working for payment management. Advance HRMS’s payroll management also includes the following features:

  • Payroll templates
  • Hourly and advanced salary reports
  • Payment history
  • Generates payslips


Employee management and other human resource activities can be made easier with this additional ticket management feature. Employees can add their issues and problems that they are facing through all the user roles and through this module.


File Manager

Advance HRMS allows storing of one or many files for each employee using the file management system. The files could be in types of digital formats, such as excel, doc, pdf, images and so on.

Account Management

The accounts management department collaborates to compute all employees’ leave and leave without pay (LWP) and then process the salary. It requires time, effort and resources to complete the entire process regularly. For organizations dealing with such issues, the HRMS account management module is a highly advantageous solution.



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Technology Stack

Super Admin

  • CodeIgniter
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery

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