7 Tips to Turn Your Kitchen Into a French Provincial Kitchen

French Provincial Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important place in every home and many people love to make and decorate their kitchen in a top-class manner. But not everyone has the budget for changing their kitchen look. However, the good-looking and convenient kitchen will help you to get your cooking job done faster. Here are some key elements that will help to turn your kitchen into a French provincial-style kitchen.

French Style Lighting

Pendant lighting is an easy and affordable upgrade to your kitchen to a French provincial style kitchen. The modern country chic design shows that any modern space can have a little farmhouse flair when you combine natural finished wool textures and a neutral colour palette.

Chandelier option is also recommended to enhance the elegance in your country kitchen. You can approach a professional kitchen designing company who will provide the exact look of French Provincial kitchens as per your expectations.

Kitchen Cabinetry Options

Kitchen cabinetry is the other important thing that you need to consider while turning your kitchen into a French provincial-style kitchen. You can either replace your cabinet doors with glass, even take the doors of your cabinets off completely, or start fresh with floating shelves. You can do these things to get the French provincial kitchen cabinets to look. You can also consider installing wooden floating shelves as it will add a rustic element to your French provincial kitchen and you can elevate them by adding sconces beneath them.

White Finishes and Accents

You can never go wrong with a white monochromatic colour palette when you are looking to give a modern farmhouse look for your kitchen. You can simply refurbish your wood kitchen cabinet finishes and paint them all white to give a French country kitchen look. You can leave an unfinished darker wood for tabletop accents for a modern French rustic element. If you have wood elements on your floor or window frame you can also paint them white.

Vintage Copper Kitchen Appliances and Hardware

This is the best trick to try to bring a French provincial kitchen look. By adding copper or brass pots, plates, pans, and cabinet hardware can give your kitchen that elegant French country charm without emptying your wallet. To give the French country charm to your kitchen, you can use copper accents and retro appliances. If you are not aware of how to make your kitchen with these appliances you can also refer to online images to get the effective outcome. Vintage copper kitchen appliances are best exposed and will coordinate well with any colour palette.

Countryside Plants and Green Kitchen Decor

The pop of contrasting forest green and the white wood finishes on the kitchen cabinets will offer an elegant French country touch to your kitchen. The metallic hood in this kitchen will merge well with the rustic French style kitchen. Simple organic colour change, hard metals, and plant additions can make an additional rustic touch to your kitchen.

Padded Bar Stools and Furniture

Cushioned stools or high chairs draped in linen are the best and ideal choices for giving the best French country look to your kitchen. Accents with mini brass buttons and a hoop on the backside will add a small bit of elegance to your furniture. These types of chairs are available in many places so you can get in and give your kitchen a French country look.

A Classy French Country Kitchen Colour

If you are looking for kitchen renovation in French country style, then you can go with the blue and white colour scheme. You can go with light blue to give an airy and elegant vibe to your kitchen. You also take your kitchen look to the next level by adding chandeliers or candelabras.

Wrapping up

Trying these steps will work out in giving a French country look to your kitchen. You can contact the best kitchen designing company to give you the best look for your kitchen.

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