6 Different Types of Products in Magento 2 Explained In-Depth

6 Different Types of Products in Magento 2 Explained In-depth

Magento 2 is a most popular e-commerce platform that supports a variety of products to cater to different business needs. Let’s drive an in-depth explanation of the six most common types:

1. Simple Product: 


Simple products are standalone items with a single SKU (stock-keeping unit). They represent essential, indivisible items with no variations.

  • Use Cases: Ideal for physical products with minimal variations (e.g., t-shirts, books).
  • Benefits: Easy to set up and manage.
  • Limitations: This product is unsuitable for items with size, colour, or material variations.

2. Configurable Product: 


Configurable products are used for items with variations, such as size, colour, or material. Each variation is considered a simple product linked to the configurable product.

  • Use Cases: Perfect for products with multiple configurable options, allowing customers to customize their purchases.
  • Benefits: Offers flexibility for complex products without creating separate listings for each variation.
  • Limitations: Requires managing variations and their inventory levels.

3. Grouped Product: 


Grouped products allow you to showcase multiple standalone products as a group. Customers can purchase each item individually or buy the entire group at a discounted rate.

  • Use Cases: Useful for showcasing product bundles, gift baskets, or related items that typically sell together.
  • Benefits: Provides a convenient way to offer pre-configured bundles and upsell related products.
  • Limitations: Customers cannot purchase individual items in the group.

4. Bundled Product: 


Bundle products enable customers to create customized product bundles by selecting individual items and configuring their options. Each item within the bundle can have its own SKU and price.

  • Use Cases: Ideal for offering discounted bundles (e.g., buy two shirts, get one free), product kits, or subscriptions.
  • Benefits: Encourages purchasing multiple items at once and offers flexibility for bundle customization.
  • Limitations: Requires managing individual components of the bundle and their inventory levels.

5. Virtual Product:


Virtual products represent non-tangible items or services that don’t require physical shipment. Examples include e-books, software licenses, or online courses.

  • Use Cases: Ideal for selli1. Simple Product: ng services, online consultations, or experiences.
  • Benefits: Simple to manage and doesn’t require inventory tracking.
  • Limitations: Requires clear communication of service details and potential fulfilment complexities.

6. Downloadable Product:


Unlike virtual products, downloadable products are digital goods that customers can download after purchase. This type is specifically designed for products like music files, software, or PDF documents.

  • Use Cases: Perfect for selling digital goods, online courses, or downloadable resources.
  • Benefits: Easy to manage and deliver without physical inventory.
  • Limitations: Requires secure file delivery mechanisms and potential copyright protection considerations.

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How to Choose the Right Product Type:

The best product type for your Magento 2 store depends on your specific needs and inventory. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Product complexity: Do your products have variations or require customization?
  • Inventory management: How will you track stock levels for each take or component?
  • Customer experience: Do you want to offer flexibility in buying options?
  • Business goals: Are you aiming to pre-sell bundles, encourage bulk purchases, or provide digital goods?


Choosing the right product type in Magento 2 is most important for proper inventory management and customer experience. By understanding the six main product types and their features, you can select the most suitable options for your specific needs.

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