5 Years Enchanting Success Journey

5 years of XcelTec in the journey of its success gives a great joy & pride.

From the beginning, Xceltec has been laying a solid foundation. We are really delighted and glad that Xceltec will be celebrating its 5th anniversary on December 30th, 2021.

Xceltec – Web and App Development,  is a group of experts and artists that are dedicated to providing solutions that assist businesses in finding their next customer. We’ve genuinely established a worldwide firm that is proud of improving lives through inspired software, as we’ve assisted our clients in overcoming the hurdles of boosting their businesses through innovative ideas.

We’re experts in web, mobile, IoT, Unity 3D, AR, and VR, Digital Marketing and we’ve helped a lot of companies reach their objective.

  • www.xceltec.com
  • On 31st December 2018, We had an expansion & launched a New IT product development company as Panoramic Infotech.Now, with more responsibilities on our shoulders, we headed for our next target.Panoramic Infotech – Software Development, provides services like
    1. Product Prototyping
    2. Digital Transformation & Product Development
    3. Cloud and DevOps
    4. Property Management Solution
    5. Voice & Video Assistance for Mobile App & more

    Considering the future technologies and trends we made a number of applications which made the communication and networking faster and smooth. Ample – Video bot, Voice assistant, Travel Portal, Grocery App, Property Management Solution, E-commerce & web app are a few of our popular solutions in the market.

    With constant hard work and great activity in our IT sector, in 2019, we initiate a new change in the healthcare sector with the use of the latest technology and future consideration.

    A great expansion launched MyCare – The Leading Telemedicine Platform For all Healthcare Solutions is an E-healthcare application that connects patients with doctors digitally over a secured platform.

    Patients can seamlessly connect with pharmacies, hospitals, and laboratories from anywhere. You can store all the medical records securely in the medical passport.

    In the span of 1 year from 2018-2019, with a strong commitment, performance & authenticity of MyCare, it was expanded and flagged itself in Africa.

    Starting with Kenya, we slowly and gradually launched MyCare in different regions of Africa like GhanaMena & More.

    Our Region


    1. tanzania.mycareafrica.com
    2. zambia.mycareafrica.com
    3. kenya.mycareafrica.com

    In December – 2020, “COVID was The New Normal to People” The time was so crucial and the Pandemic forced people to see the unpredictability of life. At that time the Xceltec family showed a great bond and loyalty in this misery.

    Xceltec took a step forward creating more opportunities in the tech sector and for employment. At that time we started a new IT consulting company as Mas Global Services.

    Services Providing from Mas Global are as follows;

    1) IT Consulting

    2) Email Services

    3) Zimbra Email Hosting & Migration

    4) Cyber Security

    5) HIPAA & GDPR Compliance

    Entered into 2021 with a new idea!

    Due to Covid, the situation was so inadequate considering the employment & education, thus a thought arrived in the direction of learning & educating people via training and internship as the boosting sector of 2021.
    On 27th September 2021, SkillIQ – Professional IT Training Institute was launched successfully with the aim to provide training to people to stabilize their future & upgrade in the IT sector.

    By December arrived, SkillIQ had achieved a new flagship in the USA as well.
    So as Xceltec and its venture were drastically showing the performance we were sure to achieve a great milestone in the coming year.
    Therefore, Xceltec so far has gone through a classic journey with ups & downs, also we truly felt blessed with this list of achievements & milestones created.

    2022 Establishment: Many more exciting news coming & plenty of opportunities are on the way!

    Get in touch with us for more!

    Contact us on:- +91 987 979 9459 | +1-980 428 9909

    Email us at:- sales@xceltec.com

    Visit our website: https://www.xceltec.com/

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